The Steamboat Rock Cemetery was established in 1862 just a decade after the town first began to be settled. It is hard to imagine what the cemetery looked like then. The magnificent old trees of today were then just getting started. Over the years the cemetery has grown even as the trees have grown. The Original Plat was added to many times: the Harnid Addition, the Broadway Addition, the Christians Addition, the South Side Addition, the Arnold's Addition, the Sunset Gardens Addition and the East Side Addition. Nearly 1,500 individuals are buried here and remembered by their loved ones.
On the west side is the Community Veteran's Monument remembering those veteran's buried here and those who lived here, served their country and are resting here and elsewhere.
The community is very rightly proud of the beauty and peace of our cemetery. You are invited visit this important part of our lives together.

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At the Memorial Day 2017 service, the renewed Veterans Memorial was rededicated. The Memorial honors those who served our country and are currently buried in the Steamboat Rock Cemetery. The Memorial had been cleaned, the display box replaced and brass plates with the names of all the veterans engraved were put in place. It is important to remember that the freedoms and liberty we enjoy today and tomorrow came at great cost.

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